Bamboo charcoal making machine is used in converting bamboo into bamboo charcoal, biogas, tar and wood vinegar
through carbonization technology. Carbonization technology applied in bamboo charcoal production is an ideal,
environmental friendly and scientific method to deal with biomass waste materials such as bamboo in our

Bamboo charcoal making machine is a continuous type of machine, it turn bamboo into high quality bamboo charcoal
with a large scale.

Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine
Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

Features of Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

1. Reduce cost.

The advanced technology of the bamboo charcoal making machine can realize the recycling of combustible gas
produced to heat the furnace, thus solving the heat source to achieve self supporting and therefore creating
larger profits.

2. Easy to operate.

Bamboo charcoal making machine is equipped with an automatic system which makes the machine achieve a continuous
process. This helps the operator spend less time in operating the machine.

3. Environmental friendly.

The feeding and discharging systems of the bamboo charcoal making machine are covered with sealing devices which
guarantee a clean environment and safe production. Therefore it achieve an environmental protecting standard.

4. Ensure safety and security.

Bamboo charcoal making machine is covered with a protective casing which prevent the body getting in touch with
high temperature directly. Also the power supply of the machine has a standardized control system to ensure

5. High working efficiency.

Bamboo charcoal making machine has an advanced technology which leads to high product yields thus high profits.
There is a fully continuous working process that reduces labor strength and the operating time.

6. Energy saving.

Bamboo charcoal production machine uses One Fire Two Steps method that improves the heat utilization. It uses one
fire to heat the carbonization system and then uses the heat generated during the heating to supply heat in the

7. Multiple purposes.

Apart from processing bamboo, the bamboo charcoal making machine accepts any organic waste and agricultural
waste such as coconut shell,rice husks.

8. Sales services.

Perfect sales services provide a stable warranty. Bamboo charcoal making machine customers can be provided with
pre -sales services such as visiting the site, technical assistance. Also they can be given after sales services
after the purchase the machine such as a professional team provided for consultation, given products updates,
provided with quick wear supply.

Raw materials used in the process are; all kinds of biomass wastes such as bamboo, olive shells,rice husks.
Also civil sludge, municipal sludge and industrial waste.

charcoal production machine
charcoal production machine

Technology Description Applied to the Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

  • The working process of bamboo charcoal making machine involves various steps:
  • At first, bamboo is crushed into small pieces of 50 mm. Dry the crushed bamboo in the dryer system, this will
    ensure that the moisture of bamboo is less.
  • Secondly, the crushed bamboo falls freely down into the carbonization system and dryer out for the second time.
  • Then, in the carbonization system carbonization process starts, high temperature pyrolysis, combustible gas are
    produced. The gas produced can be liquefied by the condenser system and then it’s converted into tar and wood
  • Lastly, the carbonized bamboo charcoal can be discharged as cooling takes place in the cooling and discharging
    system. Go on reading:

Usage of Bamboo charcoal

  1. Used as fuel in factories and household.
  2. Used in water purification by absorbing the harmful chemical substances.
  3. It is mixed with clay to produce bricks.
  4. Used in agriculture to improve soil quality.
  5. Used in generating the greenhouse agriculture heating.

Uses of wood vinegar

  1. Used in agriculture.
  2. Used in health benefits in human beings.

Bamboo charcoal making machine uses carbonization technology to reduce wastes in our environment without
pollution during the whole process of bamboo charcoal production. It improve the value of bamboo waste by
converting it to treasure and brings profits.

The bamboo charcoal making machine is an ideal project worthy of investing, since it is equipped with efficient
and energy saving environmental friendly equipments.

Bamboo charcoal making machine business is an ideal business to think of due to its economic practicality and
market potentiality because bamboo charcoal is in demand as its clean and safe to the environment.

However every business has its cons and pons, so as a customer you need to research keenly and get adequate
skills and knowledge before starting up. This will provide you with confidence in the bamboo charcoal making
machine business.